about me

ulrika waltrén

I dared to sign up for that artwork course that I heard about by chance! It turned out to be one of the absolute best decisions I ever made!

Born in 1967 and raised in Älvsjö, have lived in Segeltorp for many years. I have always loved color and design, and I have never been afraid to decorate my home with a lot of color. I see an allure in creating a home where every detail carries a story.

I have my biological roots in Stockholm and Karlstad, and my heart also beats for "my second home" in Texas.

I started my creation process in autumn 2019 and since then I have attended a number of artwork courses. I create my artworks in acrylic, preferably on large canvases that I stretch myself on wedge frames. To create structure and depth in my artworks, I use materials such as sand and fabric. I have a penchant for colors like rust, copper, orange, gold and also earthy colors like beige, gray and various shades of brown. As a final touch, I like to add some sprinkles of glitter!

Glitter enhances life!

Being in the creation process is like meditation, a great way to be in the moment!

Hope to see y'all!

May 2023 Konstrundan i Segeltorp, Stockholm
August 2023 Galleri Svea, Old Town, Stockholm